NBA – Including the games played requirement in qualifying for MVP and other awards would be an excellent idea. Where it hurts, hit them.

It is the premise of a concept that targets the overuse of load management by linking NBA grants to games played for the players vying for them, as first reported by The Athletic.


Despite being vague, the idea centers on having many appearances, a significant element for the essential awards each season.

Load management has become excessive. Fans miss out on seeing their favorite stars repeatedly because of rest-pretend injuries. More examples exist for a list.

Here, the NBA has a significant issue. Despite being vague in its details, the proposal put forth in the media has some promise.

However, when the concept of using rewards to push players to play more games was brought up in discussions with decision-makers across the league, two consistent replies emerged: It’s a wise choice. And there is little possibility that it will even succeed.

One executive told CBS Sports, “something tells me athletes won’t care at the end of the day.”

Another executive said, “NBPA will never permit it because those playoff honors impact too many players’ contracts, and agents utilize them to establish benchmarks and worth during contract negotiations.”

All true. And because of this, a league that has done a tremendous job maintaining a good relationship with the players union and a solid sense of mutual respect between the association’s commissioner and its stars must take firm action.

The NBA has some political clout as a result of these two factors. It’s time to use it.

The league should prioritize combating load management, battle mightily to make it happen, and do it in the most extreme methods imaginable.

The NBA, as a product, is doing well. While LeBron James set the all-time scoring record 20 years into an incredible career, it is bursting with young stars rising. Since Larry Bird in the early 1980s, Nikola Jokic has been attempting to win the MVP award for three years. Kawhi Leonard and Giannis Antetokounmpo want to solidify their reputations. The Suns are now a must-watch squad as Jayson Tatum, Ja Morant, and Joel Embiid are all vying for their first championship while Kevin Durant joins yet another superteam.

Yet, must-watch games only succeed if the finest players participate in them. It depends on the stars in a sport that also doubles as an entertainment industry to operate effectively and efficiently, fair or not. It’s time to start linking the game’s awards to the idea that availability is an excellent skill and business strategy.

The Most Valuable Player award will come first.

Only Bill Walton, who played 58 games back in the 1977–1978 season, has ever won an MVP award during an 82-game regular season without playing at least 71 games. 35 MVPs participated in at least 80 of the 82 games in the previous 52 82-game NBA regular seasons.

So, the 35 out of 52 figure sounds respectable or decent, but look more closely at the numbers. Walton was the only MVP of the 1970s to play fewer than 80 games. Hence 80 games were played by 90 percent of award winners. The ratio fell to 70% in the 1980s. Only four MVPs surpassed 80 games in the previous ten 82-game seasons, which you can observe by going back in time.

Stars making an appearance in games is a problem. Still, as some NBA personnel noted following The Athletic’s article, it’s likely also crucial to connect minutes to this barrier in addition to games.

One advisor to a Western Conference team said, “What stops a player from playing two minutes in a game they would ordinarily load manage, and then [sitting]?

If this were to occur, there is a danger that players wouldn’t care enough to alter their routines. So, the NBA should vigorously pursue this concept.

A 70-game cutoff seems reasonable and solves a real issue. The Western Conference team adviser also recommended a 30-minute minimum per game. I feel right once more.

By this metric, the MVP race for this season would come down to Jokic and Tatum. By historical standards for an MVP and the better business practices the league and its players should promote, the other contenders for the award this season are on pace to participate in too few games.

Embiid is on pace to participate in 64 games this season after participating in 44 of the Sixers’ 56 games. Giannis has expected to play in all 66 regular-season games for the Bucks. At his current rate, Doncic will play 68 games for the Mavericks.

That is outrageously too few games for players of that caliber, at least those being mentioned as probable MVP winners. And there are other ways to encourage guys to hit the dance floor outside the competition for this particular honor.

You can also include Comeback Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, and Rookie of the Year. They are all. But continue. Add the first, second, and third NBA All-Star teams to this. Ensure that players who aspire to make the NBA’s All-Rookie and All-Defensive teams contribute equally to the games they play.

It will be complex to win over the players association, agents, and other groups with incentives to maintain the status quo. Yet some fights are worthwhile for the league and players involved. They divide the money the company brings in, and while this idea is unpopular, it would still be profitable for everyone.

The NBA is a league for stars. Also, everyone becomes weaker without them on the ground as frequently as feasible. Now that All-Star weekend is approaching, Adam Silver must make this trial balloon his office seemed to send up into a harsh, cold reality as the league and the NBPA consider a new CBA and all the details that will entail. Source

Ang PCSO 6/42 Lotto draw ng Pilipinas noong Pebrero 2, 2023, ay sabik na inabangan ng libu-libong manlalaro na umaasang mayaman ito at maiuwi ang engrandeng premyo. Ang mga manlalaro ay masigasig na sinuri ang kanilang mga numero sa pag-asang manalo ng grand prize na PHP 5,940,000.00, at ang pag-asang manalo ay kapansin-pansin.

PCSO 6/42 Lotto
Lottery winner

Sa artikulong ito, alamin natin ang buong kaganapan sa Pebrero 2, 2023 PCSO 6/42 Lotto Draw.  Ipagpatuloy ang pagbabasa upang alamin ang maswerteng nanalo sa PCSO 6/42 lotto.

Ang pag-igting sa silid ay umabot sa isang pagtaas ng lagnat habang ang mga numero ay iginuhit nang paisa-isa, na may mga manlalaro na pinipigilan ang kanilang hininga at pinag-krus ang kanilang mga daliri sa pag-asang tumugma sa lahat ng anim na numero. Nang maihayag ang nanalong numero, tumahimik ang silid habang ang lahat ay mabilis na nag-check ng kanilang mga tiket upang makita kung sila ay nanalo.

Nang mabunyag na isang tao ang nanalo sa February 2, 2023, PCSO 6/42 Lotto draw, nagkaroon ng dagundong ng pananabik. Ang nagwagi, na hindi pa naisapubliko ang pagkakakilanlan, ay wastong tumugma sa lahat ng anim na numero, 02-27-16-29-04-19, upang maiuwi ang grand prize na PHP 5,940,000.00.

6/42 Lotto results
6/42 winning numbers

Nang malaman na may masuwerteng nagwagi, binati sila ng mga manlalaro mula sa buong Pilipinas at ipinahayag ang kanilang kagalakan sa kanilang tagumpay. Sa isang pahayag, ang PCSO, na nangangasiwa sa PCSO 6/42 Lotto draw, ay binati ang nanalo at hinikayat ang mga manlalaro na palaging maglaro nang responsable.

Ang PCSO 6/42 Lotto draw sa Pebrero 2, 2023, ay walang alinlangan na magbabago sa buhay ng masuwerteng nanalo, na magagamit ang mga napanalunan upang maisakatuparan ang kanilang mga layunin at pagandahin ang kanilang kinabukasan. Ito ang pang-akit ng lottery dahil nag-aalok ito sa mga manlalaro ng pagkakataong manalo ng napakalaking halaga ng pera na ganap na makakapagpabago sa kanilang buhay.

Ang PCSO ay nagbabala sa mga kalahok, gayunpaman, na laging responsableng maglaro at iwasang hayaan ang kanilang sigasig para sa lottery na makapinsala sa kanilang paghuhusga. Bagama’t may pagkakataon para sa malalaking panalo kapag naglalaro ng lottery, mahalagang tandaan na ikaw ay nagsusugal, kaya hindi ka dapat tumaya nang higit pa sa iyong makakaya na matalo.

Bukod pa rito, pinapayuhan ng PCSO ang mga manlalaro na humingi ng tulong kung naniniwala silang nagiging problema ang kanilang mga gawi sa pagsusugal. Para sa mga nahihirapan sa pagkagumon sa pagsusugal, ang organisasyon ay may iba’t ibang mapagkukunang magagamit, at palagi silang handang sumuporta at tumulong.

Sa kabuuan, ang February 2, 2023, PCSO 6/42 Lotto draw ng Pilipinas ay isang kapana-panabik na okasyon, at isang masuwerteng nanalo ang umalis na may grand prize na PHP 5,940,000.00. Ang tagumpay ng nagwagi ay nagsisilbing paalala ng potensyal ng lottery na baguhin ang buhay ng mga tao, ngunit kritikal din para sa mga manlalaro na laging responsableng maglaro at humingi ng tulong kung kinakailangan. Ang PCSO ay patuloy na magsasagawa ng lotto draws at magbibigay ng pagkakataon sa mga kalahok na manalo ng malaki, ngunit lagi nilang uunahin ang kaligtasan at kapakanan ng kanilang mga kalahok.

Online Casino: Today, there are undoubtedly a lot of online casino in the Philippines. They appeared like mushrooms out of nowhere. These online casinos all make the same claims about being the best. The number of Filipinos who regularly gamble at online casinos is growing along with the rise in casino websites in the Philippines.


According to a survey conducted in the Philippines by Rakuten Insight in March 2020, 46% of participants said they regularly play casino games online. In contrast, only 4% of participants played just once or twice each month.

Filipinos who enjoy playing casino games online should be aware that these sites are worth visiting in order to evaluate their capacity to offer amusement and unmatched experiences when playing casino games online. Therefore, it is important to take the five factors into account when visiting online casino sites.

ye7 online casino
Ye7 Online Casino

Here are the following factors you might be taken into account when looking for online casino:

Safety and Background Checks

When playing for real money at any casino online site, security is paramount. Because of this, the website must have strong security credentials, encryption standards, safety precautions, and data handling methodologies to guarantee players’ proper protection and the security of their financial information.

The reputable online casino, YE7, guarantees this problem. They are the sole owner of the user’s personal data, and they won’t give it to anyone else, discard it, or sell it to them. All personally identifiable information will be deleted once it is no longer necessary to keep it.

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ye7 Trusted casino

They assigned a technical team to monitor the site continuously, year-round. They uphold the highest security standards and put them into practice throughout all facets of their operations. With the use of leading programs and protocols, they ensure the safety and integrity of personal information at all times.

Secure Badge

Easy-to-use payment methods are valued by players. It means that the site to be visited must provide exceptional payment providers, and deposit timelines must come with excellent customer service and banking options. Players can rely on YE7 for assurance on this matter. They provide an accurate impression of how approachable and helpful a casino’s customer service staff is. Players can contact the YE7 customer support team at any time with any issues. At ye7, players can get in touch with them using LiveChat.

Actual Dealer Games

Only players using real money can access live dealer games, which replicate the atmosphere of a real casino in your home. Playing the live dealer game on YE7 gives you the chance to compete against a real casino dealer for cash prizes.

ye7 bonus
Ye7 Bonus

Players at YE7 Casino have access to fully online live casinos where they can play well-known casino games like roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Here, you can find actual dealers, actual activity, and actual prizes. This is the closest thing to a real casino that you will find.

Employ Expert Analysts

Expert analysts may work in fields that heavily rely on data, information, and statistics. Their primary areas of focus are data analysis and applications.

At YE7, they employ full-stack engineers, statistical analysts, and digital financial accountants to evaluate each casino online site in the Philippines and advise users to play at reputable sites. Additionally, they use professionals with risk assessment skills who work in the gaming industry.

ye7 online
ye7 Expert Analyts

Exceptional Industry Knowledge

Industry knowledge enables you to produce and submit high-quality tasks that improve business performance, increase revenue, and differentiate you from competitors. Every requirement is met by YE7. Its team has worked in a variety of fields for a long time and has in-depth knowledge of the industry. They have all the features you could want in terms of security, legality, bonuses, user-friendliness, customer service, and game types.

It is a good idea to take into account the five factors listed above when visiting online casino sites. They secure the players and assure a thrilling gaming experience. This is why YE7 Casino will be a good choice for everyone when seeking an online casino site to play at. Visit its website at ye7 to take advantage of its fantastic games and deals.

Why do Filipinos love to play Crazy 777 Slot Game? Know the reasons in this article.


Crazy 777 is a completely unique online slot recreation created through Jili Games and stimulated through conventional slot video games. The slot recreation is prepared with three reels and has 1 pay line. You will discover a fun visual: huge icons in shiny colours, white reels, a paytable above the matrix, and a summary of historical past pictures with orange squares. You could pay extra interest for the Crazy 777 slot game if you want easy online video games. The recreation rewards are smooth to break. The reels prevent determining which advantages you could get, unfastened spins or double rewards.

The list of basic symbols includes Single Blue Bar, Red Seven, Double Red Seven, Triple Red Seven, and Double Bar. You need 3 matching symbols or a specific combination of symbols to create a winning combo. What’s interesting is that it has an additional role here. Every time you form a winning combination, he will be awarded one of the bonuses shown on that reel. We are talking about bonuses like win multipliers (x2, x5, or x10), additional payouts, and up to 5 respins.

slot game

Why do Filipinos love to Play Crazy 777 Slot Game

Playing the Crazy777 slot game gives you a classic and retro experience from the comfort of your home. The game is designed to be easy for players of all skills level, especially first-time slot gamers. Crazy777’s colours and designs will blow you away. Slot games are designed with a retro look and are popular with slot enthusiasts. This makes it easy to use, but more importantly, it looks great.

How To Play Crazy 777 Slot Game

The crazy 777 slot game is a classic 3-reel slot. If you like simple online games, you can pay more attention to this game. JILI’s 3X3 reel slot. It feels very interesting, and the gameplay is very simple. Game rewards are easy to crack.

  • According to your combo settings, you will only win prizes when 3 of the same symbols appear from left to right.
  • Win = payout x stake/3.
  • When a ‘Special Reel Combination’ appears, the payout for that spin is an additional bonus based on the corresponding symbol.
  • The round will be considered void if a malfunction results in an uncertain match.

The crazy 777 slot game has some basic game symbols. These symbols must be connected in a straight line to get the chances offered by the game. This game also has special reels. In each round, these special symbols become special means. This game is sure to please with reels spinning and stopping rewards, free spins, and double rewards.

CRAZY 777 Slot Game Special Reel

The rightmost reel is a special reel. When the left reel produces a winning combination, you receive an extra bonus based on the symbols on the special reels.

CRAZY 777 Slot Game: 10X, 5X, 2X

  • All payouts from this round are multiplied by the appropriate multiplier.
  • This symbol awards a 10x multiplier. In the game, he has 2x, 5x, and 10x multipliers. Winnings are based on pay lines.
  • Each time a player wins and receives a different multiplier, the total bonus is multiplied by the corresponding payout percentage.

CRAZY 777 Slot Game: $$+, $+

  • The SS+ letter makes it even easier to increase your chances of winning special bonus prizes from your bets.
  • Win an additional payout equal to the player’s bet amount.
  • Special symbol SS+ character triples win.

CRAZY 777 Slot Game: Re-spin

Earn 1-5 random replies for winning combinations.
Players who win from another line have the chance to win big payouts.

But 6 must rely on random spins of symbols. Re-spin to the characters.

CRAZY 777 Slot Game: Special Symbol

Crazy 777 slot game has special symbols that offer high payout percentages. But the symbol with the highest payout percentage is 3 777 numbers.
The 3 expensive 777 symbols are the most difficult of all symbols available in the game. Winnings are equal to the wager chosen by the player in each round multiplied by the player’s wealth. The player must collect all three of his items.


Crazy 777 Slot Game: Win Big!
There’s a reason so many players have praised the CRAZY 777 as “the best JILI slot machine ever”! Up to 99% RTP, 3333x high bonuses, jackpots, and the rarest single-line slot classic!

Everyone says the Classic never fails, so it’s no wonder so many players are fascinated by the CRAZY 777 slot game. No fancy symbols or complicated rules. Focus on the symbols, and you’ll get bonuses as soon as you make a successful connection! CRAZY 777 is a must-play game for any player looking to win decent rewards.

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Source: Reasons Why Filipinos Love to play Crazy 777 Slot Game